Agility and Systems Engineering

05/05/2020 MHPDeepDive

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In recent years, the complexity of numerous products – in particular vehicles, machines and plant – has grown enormously. Mechanical and electronic systems have been increasingly complemented with digital components, hardware and above all software. The end of this development is not in sight. On the contrary: More and more new digital technologies are forcing the pace of this dynamic growth. For example, artificial intelligence. For R&D departments, this means, on the one hand, many attractive new opportunities. On the other hand: The more complex the products become, the more disciplines must cooperate well and in a coordinated manner in order to keep apace with the complexity.

This is extremely successful above all with regard to functional and software development. However, the approach has not yet really asserted itself across the board, or is not consistently pursued to the necessary extent – because previously it was not required, the methodological knowledge is not yet sufficiently available, or the obstacles to starting appear too large. The current situation, in which content-related focusing and systematic remote working are decisive factors, provides the opportunity for the necessary change.

In this context, with our MHPTuesdayTalk we want to provide the initial impulses by exchanging ideas and opinions with you on agile methods and systems engineering: What opportunities are offered by the combination of the two principles – precisely now, during the current crisis? What challenges must be overcome for the implementation? And what are already now the best practices? For all these issues, we will provide initial impulses and highlight application examples. We will then answer your questions, discuss your evaluations and analyze your experiences. We are convinced: An open debate with people who are interested in the same topics and face the same challenges is extremely valuable.

In our MHPTuesdayTalk:

  • Our moderators will introduce themselves
  • Our moderators will present the topic, provide impulses and highlight the best practices
  • You can exchange ideas and opinions in our MHPCommunity


Andreas Feil
Senior Manager, MHP

Dr. Sebastian Schröter
Senior Manager, MHP


Beginn: 08:30 (CET)
Ende: 09:30 (CET)

Language: German