Safeguarding the "Digital Transformation"

01/17/2017 MHPDeepDive

From the 'EDI Transaction' through to 'Intelligent Business Operations'

Customer requirements are changing more often and at an ever-increasing pace. At the same time there is more and more data available, which – if used properly – opens up enormous potential. This results in new challenges for companies. In order to overcome these challenges, an agile and effective collaboration within the supply chain network is required. And this leads to greater complexity, a higher susceptibility to errors, and increased business risks.

The new situation can be managed with Intelligent Business Operations (IBO): Processes are continuously monitored and analyzed, sound decisions can be made quickly. EDI transactions provide the perfect starting point. Because functional and stable EDI processing is not only a central element of corporate communication. It also offers the opportunity for an efficient and meaningful use case on the path towards IBO.

In our MHPBoxenstopp "From the EDI Transaction to Intelligent Business Operations", we show you how you can purposefully supplement your system landscape, in order to optimize EDI governance and EDI operations, and thus safeguard the digital transformation of your company.

Here are some of the topics covered in this WebSession:

  • EDI past and present: What are the basic conditions, and why is EDI an appropriate starting point for an IBO use case?
  • Changes in the age of digital transformation: How can one use the new tools for the Business Process Design and for the Business Process Management in order to establish the ideal EDI of the future?
  • From the transaction through to Intelligent Business Operations: How do EDI and IoT grow together
  • Milestone SAP Operational Process Intelligence: How can comprehensive business processes originating from EDI be managed holistically?
  • The path is the goal: How does one go from the appetizer to the project?

Keynote Speaker:
Stefan Westhäußer
Manager | Technology & Integration Services

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