Young and Senior Professionals

Career chances

Looking for a high-growth environment? Our ‘Excellence’ model and interdisciplinary expertise provide exactly that. We offer targeted development of young to senior professionals - an approach that promotes individual potential. We are positioned in the heart of emerging mobility and manufacturing markets, with over 300 customers worldwide.

Of course, we understand there are different ways to climb the career ladder. This is why we instate appraisals and promotions every year. These run parallel to our competence model. With such efforts, we are able to both meet the demands of the market and nurture the skills of our employees.

Career levels Consulting Services

Career levels Sales

Career levels Backoffice / Internal

Advanced training

Our employees benefit from comprehensive training. We invest in our staff by offering a variety of training courses for hard and soft skills. In addition, special MHP events educate employees on internal knowledge. We even support you with additional degrees relevant to your job, including master’s programmes and doctorates.

Part-time study

We also offer exciting prospects for students on dual-university programmes. One of these is a double degree with integrated training and professional coaching. This is available regardless of location.

Working internationally

MHP is a global player with over 300 customers worldwide. As such, we are able to offer our employees exciting opportunities abroad. This not only expands professional and cultural horizons, but this new experience also reflects back and strengthens the culture of excellence at MHP.

Interdisciplinary work

We love teamwork. Day to day, project to project. We are particularly fond of interdisciplinary collaboration. This gives our employees the chance to encounter new roles and areas of expertise, and grow together with coworkers.

MHP JobLocator

The easiest way to learn more about the interesting career opportunities at MHP is via our Job Locator.