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07.07.2015 MHPDeepDive

Strike back: Process driven target result costing approach by MHP

Todays TIER (supplier) business is changing more and more. The prices are no longer dictated by the suppliers - the OEMs are dictating prices by using modern procurement means. The result: profit margins of TIER suppliers in automotive and aerospace are stagnating  and endanger the suppplier's survival. MHP has developed approved processes and toolsets in order to strike back against OEMs by utilizing modern costing in order to escape the total subjection.

Was Sie in dieser WebSession erwartet:

  • Insights into state-of-the-art procurement tools
  • Means against OEM pressure
  • Framework to reduce product costs
  • Processes in order to include all costs within pricing
  • MHP compehensive product cost management Approach



Michael Kirchgässner
Associated Partner

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