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we kindly invite you to our networking event „MHPFirstTuesday“ with snacks and cold drinks, starting at 6 pm. The aim of the night is to network as well as to pitch hot topics, projects and startups. Have fun, ask questions and share ideas!

MHPFirstTuesday March 3rd – Product Compliance

Making Product Complexities and Proof Obligations manageable

The constantly increasing performance of components and systems enables new, sophisticated functions. The implementation of these new innovative functions determines competitiveness of every company. In addition to that, official regulations and political requirements increasingly demand the application of new complex Technologies. Thus, proof obligations in the area of product compliance are massively increased with huge impact on product certifications.

But what does this mean? It means that consistent adherence to product compliance is indispensable for future success of industrial companies! This is contrasted by lack of organizational and procedural competencies with limited resource availability within most industrial companies. An analysis and evaluation of one's own corporate strategy, corporate culture, structural and process organization is absolutely necessary. In most cases, an expansion to a networked ecosystem and digitalization along the entire value and supply chain with focus on product compliance is highly recommended.

MHP is happy to present scaleups with dedicated functional as well as procedural capabilities, in order to optimize client's core processes and product compliance effectiveness.

The following startups are participating:

Ozan Yilmaz (Project Manager Growth Development)
AVA is a Berlin-based risk intelligence and data platform specializing in public safety, physical security, and risk prediction. AVA's artificial intelligence monitor, analyze, process, and contextualize practically unlimited amounts and types of information streams and data sources to determine the historic, present, and predictive security and risk level for any given location, in real-time.

Andreas Dewes (Co-Founder)
KIProtect develops secure and privacy-preserving analytics and data science solutions that enable organizations to compliantly analyze and share sensitive and personal data in real time.

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“In the age of digitalization, the collaboration between startups and corporates can offer new opportunities. Corporates, established companies and medium-sized enterprises have excellent practices for manufacturing products as well as marketing them.

When it comes to forcing an environment of creativity and innovation, these enterprises often fall short. Startups are the polar opposite. Their teams are creative and consist of out-of-the-box thinkers to generate innovative solutions and develop new business models. The biggest challenge in their case is to successfully scale their business. For this reason, MHP has established the MHPLab in Germany’s mobility hub Berlin that serves as a platform in order to bring different topics as well as different people together.”


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