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Production & Operations Management

Maximum efficiency and flexibility for your production network. That is what we at MHP understand by manufacturing excellence. It includes effective and efficient production processes, which we advance together with our clients, making certain they are optimally prepared for the permanently changing conditions in the global market and always able to act accordingly. Only the consistent improvement of all workflow keeps a company internationally competitive in the long run.


Production & Operations Management > Topics

Strategic Production Consulting

MHP is your partner for increasing the transparency of your manufacturing operations and optimising your information flows and processes. We will establish an IT installation plan, perform risk studies and develop a sustainable business case.

Selected service packs:

  • Value assessment manufacturing execution
  • Raising efficiency in component production and assembly

Production Planning

We provide comprehensive consulting with regard to production planning and management using SAP PP and detail planning using PP/DS. We are experts for close integration of planning and production and excellent SAP integration based on lean and efficient production process management.

Selected service packs:

  • Value assessment production planning
  • Efficient production planning & management with SAP PP
  • Integrated detail planning with SAP PP/DS
  • Integrated processes

Lean Production

MHP will advise you on interconnection of LEAN methods and production systems using SAP to identify and, above all, utilise potentials in production. We offer the following methods and solutions:

  • Raising efficiency/value added
  • Value flow analysis
  • Identifying and eliminating wastage
  • Reducing throughput times
  • Optimising legacy systems

Selected service packs:

  • Value assessment lean production
  • LEAN & IT integration
  • Academy: SAP meets lean production
  • Kanban, Heijunka, EPEI, one piece flow, pull
  • KVP integration
  • Shortening throughput cycles / set-up optimisation

Manufacturing Execution

We introduce efficient and transparent processes on the shop-floor. We possess tried and tested know-how in automated determination of performance rations for objective performance measurement (TPM/KVP).

Our competency portfolio in manufacturing execution systems includes:

  • MES System Selection
  • MES Benchmark/ST Analysis
  • MES Strategy Development
  • MES Architecture
  • MES Implementation

Selected service pack:

  • Value assessment manufacturing execution


Maintenance is of central importance to every company. It ensures smooth operation of production systems, tools and important operating media. Comprehensive and demand-oriented maintenance activities as well as swift and correct reactions in the event of failure are indispensable.

Selected service packs:

  • Plant and tool maintenance
  • Vehicle fleet management and maintenance
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