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Product Lifecycle Management

At MHP we really understand Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Only integrated and holistic PLM can support a corporate strategy adequately. Not the other way round. Many simply think PLM means generating and managing product data. Not us. We believe PLM is a consistent way of making product data available across the entire product lifecycle – at the right moment and in the right quality. We are past masters in running PLM systems and also using PLM as a completely integrated fashion in processes and IT systems further down the line. As a process supplier. And this is what makes the difference in the industry. To the benefit of our clients.


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PLM Strategy & Management Consulting

Knowing what influence PLM has on corporate objectives is literally worth hard cash. And developing the right PLM strategy or roadmap is key to sustained corporate success. At MHP we know what is required to define the right, made-to-measure PLM strategy. Independent, neutral, with high PLM process and IT competence. Guaranteed sustainable, integrated, resilient and feasible. To efficiently and purposefully guide our customers to the PLM strategy, we have optimized time-honored methods and processes. Adaptable to the needs of our customers.  From the comprehensive PLM strategy for large companies, all the way to the pragmatic PLM Roadmap for the not-so-large.  That we are capable of doing this we have demonstrated time and again.  And will continue to do so in the future.

Selected Service Packages:

  • PLM Management and Strategy Consulting
  • MHP Value Assessment PLM

Integrated Release and Change Management (IRCM)

Increasing pressure for innovation requires continuous efficiency improvements and reduction of process cycle times. In the face of increasing product and process complexity, changes are quickly a Russian roulette. Required is a transparent documentation and communication combination of development progress with a methodical safe, reliable and flexible change management. The IRCM - Integrated Change Management and Release of MHP. Based on industry best practices and a set of KPIs to measure process performance.

Selected Service Packages:

  • Value Assessment IRCM – How good are your processes?
  • Introduction IRCM - Sustainable optimization of your release and change processes, on request with IT support!

Product Structure Management

For a manufacturing company, an integrated product structure is comparable with the human backbone.  It is the pivotal point for a company’s agility. Defining the right product structure takes considerable experience.  We have this experience. And we know what marginal conditions must be observed so that IT systems facilitate company processes and teamwork. Starting from engineering, through production and logistics, all the way to After Sales. Only by observing these marginal conditions are such topics as efficient identical parts management and product cost management throughout the product’s entire lifecycle made possible.

Selected Service Packages:

  • Product Structure Management
  • Product Cost Management / Target Costing

Product Development Process (PDP) Management

To successfully bring products to product maturity, it no longer suffices to have the right product idea at the right time. Today corporate success often depends largely on how fast one is able to bring new products to market maturity economically and with the quality expected.  Such buzz words as “time to market” and “best in class” determine the companies’ actions. Those who succeed in mastering the continuously increasing complexity of development projects in a dynamic environment have the decisive competitive edge in the marketplace. Our experts help you secure this competitive edge.  With the profound knowledge of how to master complex processes.  And to know in advance what must be borne in mind so that the IT processes can be effectively supported.

Selected Service Packages:

  • Project and Portfolio Management in Product Creation
  • Change Management

SAP PLM Consulting & Solution Implementation

One of the strengths of the SAP PLM solution is a high potential of integration capability.  To fully tap this potential it is not enough to know all the way to bit and byte level where to intervene to assure that the software behaves as expected.  Rather, many customers are dependent upon professional process consulting in order to exploit the full software potential.  Above and beyond mere administration of product data.  The symbiosis of PLM process consulting and IT consulting such as MHP has successfully practiced for years.  Or, if need be, adapt the software via auxiliary developments or MHP AddOns so that optimal IT process support can be achieved. These are our credentials.  Not least of all for this reason have we been PLM Special Expertise Partner for many years in succession – and since 2009 one of the few CBI Partners of SAP in the Integrated Product Development sector.

Selected Service Packages:

  • SAP PLM 7
  • SAP cProjects / RPM / PPM 5.0
  • SAP PSM / Variant Configuration / SAP iPPE
  • SAP Project System / Logistical Integration
  • SAP Document Management
  • CAD Integration

PTC Windchill Consulting & Implementation

The PLM System Windchill is widespread not only in the automotive industry. MHP is Alliance Partner of PTC, the manufacturer of Windchill. What makes us so interesting for partners like PTC and, in the final analysis, for our customers, is our SAP integration competence, in addition to our excellent professional and process expertise. It is not enough for us to simply transfer data from A to B.  For us it is always the endeavor to integrate Windchill with SAP so that the customer’s process and functional requirements can be optimally covered. And we are better equipped to do this, thanks to our sound Windchill know-how coupled with our outstanding SAP competence.

Siemens PLM Teamcenter Consulting & Implementation

With the PLM Suite Teamcenter Siemens PLM is the todays leader within the automotive industry and other industrial segments. MHP is Alliance Partner of Siemens PLM. In this area we use our expertise as the process supplier- from process definitions and requirements in the R&D Departments up to the implementation of the functions within Teamcenter as IT system. In combination with the integration of Teamcenter into the SAP business systems, we provide the relevant product information throughout the entire lifecycle and ensure sustainable product-related decisions at any time.

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The transparent and full-scale documentation of products and processes necessitates simplified networking of the persons involved in the different sectors.  With Adobe’s interactive PDFs, the industry is given an intuitively operable tool.

Kelkar, O.: Kollaboration leicht gemacht mit interaktiven PDFs. In: E3 spezial. November 2009, page 13.



Finding data, exchanging information and having control of all data streams – this can be a comprehensive PLM solution.  But doesn’t have to be.

Konstruktion & Entwicklung. August 2009, page 19.


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