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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Sponsoring

MHP accepts social and corporate responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a topic, which is not only becoming increasingly important for companies, but also being put into practice in targeted measures based on the environmental and social company environment. The following are the cornerstones of CSR: forward-looking economic activity, accepting responsibility for employees as well as society and the environment. An important feature of CSR consists of a social commitment that extends beyond compliance with legal regulations. CSR thus supports the cooperation between the economy, society and politics and strengthens, in this connection, the national economy and society.


For over 10 years, MHP has - as a successful company - taken its social and corporate responsibility seriously. As part of our MHPCares program, we sustainably support social projects and facilities. MHPCares mainly supports projects and facilities, which have a direct relation to our employees or their families. The members of the MHP family can thus get involved on a volunteer basis and provide important assistance.


Furthermore, we are also a sponsor of selected projects and teams. The main objective of our sponsoring involvement is to achieve a win-win situation for our partners and us. In addition, we want to increase the level of awareness of MHP and further improve our image as well as increase the motivation of our employees.

We are proud of our CSR and sponsoring projects:



Due to a commitment on the part of MHP, the Arena Ludwigsburg has – since September 2012 – been renamed the MHPArena for, at least, 10 years. We are very proud of this partnership with the city of Ludwigsburg (operator). We decided in favour of the naming rights sponsorship for the arena, because we identify with Ludwigsburg and we want to continue to grow as a successful company. A sport and events arena in which people regularly perform at peak levels is also appropriate for our profile as a highly successful consultancy firm. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with the city of Ludwigsburg and exciting games + events in the MHPArena!


You can gain an impression of the MHPArena in our photo gallery.
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“MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg” Beko Bundesliga Basketball team (our first home team)

Since September 2012, MHP is not only the naming rights sponsor of the MHPArena, but also a premium partner of the MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg – the home team of the MHPArena. And since the saison 2013/2014 MHP is also the naming rights sponsor of the Bundesliga Basketball team MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg. We didn’t “only” want to give the Arena a name, rather also support the home team of the MHPArena with our commitment to the MHP RIESEN and further revitalise the Arena. Basketball with its attributes dynamism, passion and team spirit fits very well with a consultancy firm and our corporate philosophy. The naming rights sponsorship for the arena, together with the partnership with the Beko Basketball Bundesliga team, represents an excellent platform for supporting our communication targets. We are delighted and look forward to doing our bit to help others get the same thrill. This is why we decided to expand our commitment and look forward to inspiring games in the MHPArena and we wish a successful saison for our MHP RIESEN team.


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SG BBM Bietigheim Bundesliga Handball (our second home team)

This season (2014/2015), another home team – namely the SG BBM Bietigheim – will be joining the MHP RIESEN in the MHPArena. Since August 2014, MHP has been a premium partner of the handball team from Bietigheim, which celebrated its greatest success to date by winning promotion to the Handball Bundesliga. The combination of being the naming rights sponsor for the MHPArena as well as partner to the MHP RIESEN and SG BBM Bietigheim optimally complements each other. We are proud - due to the active partnership between MHP and SG BBM - to be able to contribute to their success and are looking forward to an exciting season in the MHPArena.


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Match Race Germany at Lake Constance

Since 2011, MHP is a boat sponsor and partner of Match Race Germany. Sailing is a sport that fascinates everyone –primarily because it demands much from the participating teams. This is something that is also of central importance as a consultancy firm: a highly developed team spirit and optimally interdependent processes, perfect control of technology as well as excellent project management. In addition, sailing is associated with features – such as fascination, passion, dynamism and speed – which MHP and its consultants also stand for. The very successful start to our partnership last year and the involvement this year of our parent company as a sponsor and boat partner have validated our decision to continue our partnership. We are proud, in our role as a boat sponsor, to be an important partner of Match Race Germany.


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RGH Heidelberg Rugby Youth Teams

MHP has, this year, started supporting the youth rugby teams of RGH Heidelberg. With the help of this sponsor concept, we aim to support promising young German rugby players – also with regard to the Olympic Games 2016 as well as 2020 –from the U14 team up. The “High Potentials” program should help ensure the next generation of RGH players and expand the already extensive silverware collection of RG Heidelberg. Heidelberg is one of the most successful rugby teams in Germany and has been the winner of the German Rugby Union Championship on numerous occasions in all age groups.

Ritz-Carlton Dragon Boat Cup

Since 2008, MHP is a partner of the Ritz-Carlton Dragon Boat Race and is always represented in the race with their own team, the MHPGrisu team. The large dragon boat race for the much coveted “Ritz-Carlton Cup” in Wolfsburg is characterised by exciting races, imaginative teams and an entertaining supporting programme. MHP is the main sponsor of the event since 2010.


Children’s Cardiac Centre – “Olgäle Foundation” Stuttgart

Together with our employees and business partners, we have – for over 10 years - supported the Children’s Cardiac Centre in Stuttgart (Olgäle Foundation), which has Dr. Schuster as its patron. Everything started with this commitment and today it is still something very close to our hearts to be able to help children and young people get well again.


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Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele (Ludwigsburg Palace Festival)

MHP has, already since 2005, been a partner to the “Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele”. The “Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele” is one of the most important German cultural festivals and can, with its innovative program of music, dance, theatre and literature, look back on a long tradition.


MHP University Prize

Since 2004, MHP has been a partner of the Reutlingen University thanks to its “MHP University Prize”. This prize, which includes prize money of 1500 Euro, is awarded to students, who study Business Informatics at the Reutlingen University. Via communication with students as well as the prize, we help support innovative ideas and demonstrate mutual appreciation.

Babeș-Bolyai University

Since February 2014, we have been supporting the Babeș-Bolyai University in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania in setting up a German-language computer sciences course at the Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Sciences. In addition to financial support, MHP is above all actively involved in imparting its expertise. MHP employees are, as lecturers, offering events with a clear practical orientation. MHP is also giving students the opportunity to gain their first experiences in the business world, for example in the form of traineeships or the JUMP-Start program at our location in Cluj-Napoca.

Formula Student Combustion “Green Team Stuttgart”

Since 2012, MHP is a partner of the Formula Student Combustion “Green Team Stuttgart”. At the international held design competition Formula Student Combustion, student teams annually compete against each other using their prototypes in static as well as dynamic disciplines. Over 430 teams are globally part of this competition with combustion engine-driven race cars. MHP supports, in this connection, “Team Stuttgart”.

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